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Tattoos: A creative way to use QR Codes

Posted by qrcodebusinesscard on May 21, 2013 at 8:35 AM

The world has long fallen in love with QR codes and is inventing new ways to incorporate these tiny black and white squares into anything and everything around. The latest use of QR codes is in creative body art. Tattooing and marketing, two of the most popular obsessions of today’s youth, now joins together to become innovative QR Code tattoos.

The history of QR Codes:

QR Code, abbreviated from Quick Response Code, was first designed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Japan’s automotive giant Toyota. Due to its ability to scan components with high speed, these codes were used to track vehicles through different stages of their manufacture.Today, QR Codes are not limited to the automotive industry alone.Owing to its fast readability, ease of production and greater storage capacity, QR codes have become a popular alternative to ordinary barcodes. QR Codes are also associated with immense scope for creativity. Thus, we have several amazing QR Code products liket-shirts, billboards, and now, tattoos.

Permanent and temporary tattoos with QR Codes:

That marketing should start right from you is absolutely logical when it comes to QR code tattoos. These tattoos can either be permanent or temporary. If you want them to stay on your body for long-term, you can get permanent tattoos made by an experienced tattoo artist. But temporary tattoos of QR codes are even better, because they last only aday and can be removed by just peeling off. The temporary ones are made with medically approved decal paper and are fun to use.

QR Code tattoos are not just stylish, but highly beneficial for marketing. You can even personalize them with plain text, a phone number, website URL or any other information which you want the world to check out.

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